3 Insanely Cute Matching Sets Every Mum And Bub Needs This Summer

baby be kind blue t shirt cotton kids tee matching sets pink be kind pink t shirt positive vibes strong like mama strong mama summer t shirt tee

I just love a cute matching set, don't you? Here at Deluca Apparel we have the perfect matching sets for you and your little one. Our matching sets come in a variety of colours and sizes. They include kids T shirts and baby onesies so you can match with any age!

All of our designs are gender-neutral so that you can easily matching with your son or daughter. Our adult shirts are our best selling women's t shirts however we have unisex sizing available on request. 

Here are our 3 Insanely Cute Matching Sets:

1: Be Kind

How sweet is this set? Our Be Kind design is our best seller and this matching set is a close second! It is such a powerful statement, especially in todays climate and what a better way to instil kindness in your little one than with this matching set. 

Pictured here is our rose pink women's tee in size medium and our pink kids tee in size 8. 

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2. Strong Mama/Strong Like Mama

matching sets outfits

Our Strong Mama set is something that is so special to me. It signifies the strength we posses to overcome all of the challenges and hurdles that motherhood throws at us. I know, I know! It can seem like we aren't strong at times! Trust me, I feel like this often. But we get through it, we persevere and come out the other side. 

There are also times where our little ones have shown their strength too! Maybe through illness, separation, or school challenges. We all have our own battles to fight and this matching set is here to help celebrate our strength!

Pictured is our Strong Mama Tee in sage green (12/medium) and our baby onesie in Eucalyptus (00). 

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3. Positive Vibes

matching set outfit

I just love this picture! Such a cheeky grin haha. Our Positive Vibes Matching Sets are such a cute addition to your wardrobe or even a great gift idea for this Christmas. There are nine different colours to choose from for the womens' tee and 5 different colours for the kids and babies. So many colour combos to choose from. You can either match your colour, or go for something different like the purple and white pictured here. 

You and your little one will love the feel of our T shirts too. They are so soft and comfortable. Made from 100% cotton they are also very durable and breathable. 

Pictured here is our Positive Vibes women's tee in mauve (12/medium) and kid's tee white (2). 

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